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+ What's the difference between Paint Correction & Buffing?

  • Buffing is a generic word, often confused with paint correction. The difference being, the goal of paint correction is to restore the finish by actually removing scratches and swirls instead of filling them in with silicone and waxes. When a car is improperly “buffed” or polished with said fillers, the apparent restoration of the finish becomes diminished after a few washes, making this technique a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Furthermore, unlike buffing, not just anyone can execute paint correction. Like any instrument, the tools and techniques must be mastered over a long period of time to properly restore the finish which entails leveling the paint evenly by a number of microns invisible to the naked eye.

+ What is a clay bar and is it really necessary?

  • When you use a clay bar, what you are really doing is decontaminating the paint. This is necessary because as you drive your vehicle, your finish is subject to tar, grime, and other contaminants in the air that will plague your pristine paint job. If these are not properly removed before applying wax or clear bra, these services will not adhere properly to the paint and will end up costing you more in the long run. Because these imperfections cannot be removed by any sort of wash, your car will never technically be clean until it receives a clay bar, despite your laborious effort.

+ What's the difference between wax and paint sealant?

  • Carnauba wax is an organic material harvested from the fan-leaved palm in Brazil of the same name. Carnauba wax is renowned for it’s organic warm glow, reminiscent of a delicious hard candy shell. While this wax is indeed durable, it is no match compared to synthetic polymers, which may have a slightly more sterile look, but can provide years of protection, some even permanently.

+ Do you wax before you paint seal?

  • No. Think of it this way: a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, so if you put a product that will deteriorate over time as a base coat, then the longer lasting sealant will not bind to the paint properly if it is applied second. You can however wax on top of paint sealant to receive the warmer glow of carnauba wax since paint sealant delivers a more sterile look to your finish. Don’t expect any extra protection from wax on top of sealant however.

+ Do new cars require detailing?

  • Just because your car is newly manufactured doesn’t mean it is in pristine condition when you buy it. A lot of time passes between the moment your future vehicle leaves the factory and it’s keys are put in your hand. If it is shipped via boat from out of the states, it can sit at the port for an extended period of time, subjected to salt water vapor and other contaminates during travel. Keep in mind, these cars are sent on their merry way with no protection, so if it travels via freight train there is nothing to stop rail dust from infiltrating every nook and cranny.

+ Where do swirls come from?

  • Not to be confused with wash scratches (which usually go in one direction due to improper wash technique and dirty water or wash mitts), swirls get their characteristics by inexperienced detailers using improper products, technique, and use of a machine polisher which has a rotating head at 600 to 3,500 revolutions per minute.

+ I just bought a new car, why do I have swirls and or scratches?

  • Car dealers are great at selling cars and servicing them, but let’s just say detailing is not their forte. When a car has traveled 15,000 miles to get here, it is likely to have gotten improperly handled at some point. And as mentioned earlier, often at the factory paint imperfections are polished out incorrectly, leaving behind swirls, or dealerships improperly wash a car in preparation for sales, not realizing the damage they are committing.

+ Car wash machines are quicker and cheaper. Why should I come to Mr.Detail?

  • There are two types of car wash machines: The first are “hands free” or “touch less” machines which give the illusion of giving your car a scratch free wash due to the absence of any material contact with your vehicle. However, to achieve this effect, these machines spray harsh chemicals on your vehicle which is then pressure washed off at a high velocity. So, while your automobile may not receive any scratches in theory, these chemicals actually strip wax and damage rubber moldings.
  • The other, more conventional car wash machines, are highly abrasive which cause scratches due to rapidly rotating bristles, shammies or other type of wash materials, which, unlike a custom hand wash from Mr.Detail, are not carefully chosen and tailored to suit your vehicles make, model and finish by a human being who can actually feel the contour of your vehicle. In addition, Mr.Detail cycles through their mitts and cloths constantly to ensure your vehicle always receives a fresh, scratch free treatment.

+ Can you put clear bra over rock chips?

  • In short, yes. If you have a low mileage car, and want to protect it further, a clear bra can be installed with no problem. However, if there are a lot of rock chips present, we would recommend you to get your front end repainted before any clear bra installation.

+ Is this snow foam wash just a gimmick?

  • Absolutely not. A snow job is more than just a good show. The snow foam is sprayed on, covering the entire vehicle in a dirty and grime reducing bubble bath of fury. The vehicle sits for a good 5 minutes as gravity takes over, slowly reducing the contaminates to the ground before being sprayed off from which henceforth a normal hand wash takes place. What this does is remove any potential scratch inducing particles from your vehicle’s finish before said contaminates are spread all around the surface of your finish via wash mitt.

+ What's the benefit of Paintless Dent Repair over body shop work?

  • Paintless Dent Repair can be executed in a way that it looks like nothing was ever there, because one is simply pushing or pulling out the actual metal of your vehicle whilst preserving your original paint. Common body shop work, while impressive nowadays, still adds a foreign item to your finish, giving the illusion of healing but the subconscious burden of knowing truly all you have done is swept the dirt under the rug. Also, aftermarket paint can greatly reduce the value of your car. If a potential buyer learns of aftermarket paint, they assume the worse. And most notably, Paintless Dent Repair is actually cheaper than body work.

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