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Window Tint

Want the sleek look of window tint, extra privacy and interior protection?  Look no further, as our installations and products are of the absolute highest quality.  We use 3M Color Stable and 3M Crystalline Window Tint, both among the highest quality films on the market. 3M Color Stable and Crystalline BOTH come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against peeling, bubbling and cracking. There’s no better way to look hot and stay cool than 3M Color Stable at  Mr.Detail


3M Color Stable



What separates 3M Color Stable from the rest is that it is extruded, which means the film is dyed when it is still in it’s liquid state (as opposed to being run THROUGH the dye as a film). Ultimately this creates an evenly distributed tint throughout the entire film which lends beautifully to it’s naturally “blue” hue which is easy on the eye (unlike most films which tend to lean green or even purple, which of course the sky is not). When it comes to window tint, the percentage of the film refers to how much light passes through the window, so the lower the tint percentage, the darker the film and we offer 35% and 50% options.

Paint Protection

Paint Protection Film (commonly referred to as “Clear Bra”) is one of the best ways to protect your investment and ultimately keep your car looking new, forever. Unfortunately, nowadays cars are painted with environmentally friendly water based paints that chip easier and are more prone to scratching. 3M Self-Healing Film is the answer to both these problems. Not only does 3M Ultimate deflect stones and debris to eliminate rock chips on your vehicle, but it literally self-heals. Overtime, or even sped up by sitting out in the sun, 3m Ultimate’s low surface energy urethane clear coat employs elastomeric polymers designed to eliminate staining, contamination and surface scratches. So if your car is ever scratched by an improper wash, or by someone brushing up against it, there’s no reason to worry. The film will self-heal, sometimes even before your eyes.

As though that’s not enough, 3m Ultimate is also the most optically clear film on the market. Other brands yellow over time, and even crack, bubble or peel. Xpel Ultimate is the only clear bra with a 10 year warranty against all those side effects of lesser quality products.

Mr.Detail is renowned for their invisible installs. We go the extra mile to remove all head lights, badges and fixtures to ensure as little seams as possible. Seams collect dust, grime, or compound, which ultimately creates a line of filth across your vehicle which not only looks dirty, but calls attention to the fact there is clear bra on your vehicle, which defeats the purpose of being invisible. We wrap any and all edges that physically can be, but only after they’ve naturally dried. This ensures all edges stay wrapped for good.

Don’t be fooled by fast or cheap offers. A low price is not always the best deal, and the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.

Vinyl Wraps/Graphics


Vinyl is one of the most diverse materials on the market today, and when it comes to your car’s aesthetics or your business’ advertising, there’s no better option. Whether you’re accentuating your vehicle’s style, or promoting your business, we have all the resources you need to best present yourself. With full 60″ hi-resolution printable vinyl capabilities and the best installers in the biz, there’s no better place to let your work speak for itself.

Temporary Vinyl, Permanent Impression.

We have a wide variety of vinyl colors and textures to choose from to compliment or alter your vehicle.

"Full Wraps"

"Panels Wrap"

Sometimes less is more. Often altering a simple panel, compartment or light will change the way the rest of your  exterior looks.

"Interior wraps"

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