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Microfiber, Dual-sided Car Wash Mitt

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Untitled 10.jpg

Microfiber, Dual-sided Car Wash Mitt

  • Made-to-fit, Microfiber Car Wash Mitt, Dual-sided Chenille Sponge and Towel Polishing Pad, Money Back Guarantee
  • Traps and Retains Dirt, Doesn't Just Push it Around! Absorbs Liquids, Especially Oils
  • Leaves no Lint, Streaking, Smearing or Scratching. Safe to Use on all Delicate Surfaces
  • Tough Wrist Elastic, Elevated Side-Panel to Stop Chenille Drag on Towel Polishing Side, Lined Inner, Towel "Toe" to Access Difficult Corners
  • Made-to-fit, Large Size-7.5 by 10.2 inches, Suitable for 9 inch Hand Length
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