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Mr. Detail

- Official Auto Detailer for The Fast and Furious -

Proper detailing will not only help to maintain your vehicle’s VALUE, but also provide a much more enjoyable driving EXPERIENCE.  Often overlooked, a vehicle’s clean presentation can portray self confidence, and a high level of professionalism.  Simply one of the most important maintenance service for your vehicle.

There is no question that Ohio's diverse climate can be harmful to your vehicle’s clearcoat.  Contrary to some belief, modern day clearcoats need proper waxing or sealing to protect from damage.  Our waxes and sealants set the industry standard for every day protection, and gloss.

Unfortunately, detailing is not a regulated industry.  No quality standards, no certifications needed, with soap and bucket in hand; people are calling themselves “detailers”.  With the highest trained technicians in the industry, combined with the highest quality nano-technology polishes, sealant, and cleaners, we are changing the way people think about detailing.

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Our comprehensive detail packages include interior and exterior detailing. By utilizing the very best cleaners, polishes, waxes, steam cleaners, and high tech equipment, we’ll clean your car’s interior/exterior better and more environmentally friendly than our competitors.

Full Exterior

Exterior detailing services remove light swirls and scratches via machine polishing to bring back that new car shine. Utilizing nanotechnology machine polishes, and highly trained technicians. We start with a gentle hand wash of all paintwork, including wheels, door jambs, and wheel wells. Then we’ll move on to a full paintwork 3M Tri-Step Wax and decontamination via clay bar, and a light machine polish using nano-abrasives. A generous coat of Pure carnauba wax is applied providing 6 solid months of durability.

Full Interior Detail

All interior details include a thorough shampooing of carpets/upholstery with a full detailing of leather, dash board, door panels, compartments, center console, and trunk. The Interior is thoroughly cleaned including dash board, door panels, center console, and all interior compartments including the trunk.  Interior carpets and floor mats get a deep cleaning shampoo to remove stubborn stains and soiling.  Windows get cleaned to a streak free finish, chrome exhaust tips polished to a mirror finish, and all door jambs wiped clean.

Elite Complete Detail

Our Elite Complete Detail includes the full interior, full exterior, and engine steam clean detailing services. The Complete Detail combines great durability and an amazing gloss on the paintwork with Sonax Polymer Net Shield, Hydrophobic Rain Repellent on the windshield, and Nanoskin Wheel Sealant. Rich conditioning of the leather brings new life and durability to to your vehicle’s seats.

Hand Wash

Just like changing your oil, your paintwork needs routine maintenance.  Utilizing a 2 bucket wash system equipped with grit guards, clean water, luxurious auto shampoo, and warm water, our wash service will primp and pamper your car’s finish. No frills here, just a proper hand wash, wheel cleaning, tire dressing, and drying of the paint and door jambs.

Complete Express Detail

Starts with a luxurious foam bath, gently loosening built up road grime, then rinsed away with warm water.  This minimizes any scratching during hand washings, followed by a gentle hand wash, cleaning of all the wheels, and spray wax on the exterior paintwork.  Interior and exterior windows are cleaned, floors and rugs are vacuumed, and dashboard wiped down. 

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